Jermaine Jackson

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Jermaine Jackson Singer

Jermaine Jackson, fourth child of the infamous Jackson family and key member of the Jackson 5, started his music career in the 1960's as lead singer and guitarist for the predecessor of the Jackson 5 (Jackson Brothers).  Over time, Jermaine's brother Michael took over the greater majority of the vocal duties, but Jermaine still participated.

By 1975, Jermaine decided to split with the Jackson 5 and continue with a solo career with Motown Records.  In reality, he began juggling both gigs, both as a member of the Jackson 5, and as a solo artist.  His first release as a solo artist was Jermaine in 1972, and there would be several more solo releases throughout the 1970's.  Some of the 70's Jermaine Jackson songs you may remember include "That's How Love Goes", "Daddy's Home", Let's Be  Young Tonight", and "Let's Get Serious".

Jermaine Jackson kept the studio albums coming throughout the 1980's.  There were a number of songs that charted, including "Little Girl Don't You Worry" and "You Like Me Don't You" from another release called Jermaine (1980), the title track from Let Me Tickle Your Fancy (1982), "Sweetest Sweetest", "Dynamite", and "Do What You Do" from  Jermaine Jackson (1984), "When The Rain Begins to Fall" from Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984), "I Think It's Love" from Precious Moments (1986), and the title track from Don't Take it Personal (1989).

Jermaine Jackson released a few more albums in the 1990's, as well as a new single in 2011 ("Blame It on the Boogie"), but there has been precious little new material otherwise.  Jermaine Jackson now goes by the last name "Jacksun", and is still active in various charities.  It is likely we have not seen the last of him.  At the time of this writing, the Jermaine Jackson Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Jermaine Jackson track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1972: Jermaine
  • 1973: Come into My Life
  • 1976: My Name Is Jermaine
  • 1977: Feel the Fire
  • 1978: Frontiers
  • 1980: Let's Get Serious
  • 1980: Jermaine
  • 1981: I Like Your Style
  • 1981: Motown Superstar Series, Vol. 17
  • 1982: Let Me Tickle Your Fancy
  • 1984: Jermaine Jackson
  • 1986: Precious Moments
  • 1989: Don't Take It Personal
  • 1991: You Said
  • 1991: Greatest Hits and Rare Classics
  • 1999: Dynamite – The Encore Collection
  • 2000: Heritage Collection
  • 2001: Ultimate Collection
  • 2007: Big Brother Jermaine: The Jermaine Jackson Collection
  • 2009: Greatest Hits
  • 2012: I Wish You Love