John Waite

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John Waite Singer

John Charles Waite hails from Lancaster, England.  Waite started out as the lead singer for a band called The Babys, which had two hit singles in the late 1970's ("Isn't It Time", 1977, and "Every Time I Think of You", 1979).  The Babys broke up in 1980, and John Waite subsequently began working on a solo career.

John Waite's first solo effort, Ignition, was released in 1982.  Although it was not a huge sales success, it did feature the hit song "Change", which received heavy rotation on MTV.  In 1984, Waite released the album No Brakes, which featured the no. 1 hit "Missing You", and another hit song called "Tears".  Other 80's songs worth mentioning were "Every Step of the Way" from Mask of Smiles (1985), and  "These Times are Hard for Lovers" from Rover's Return (1987).  The song "If Anybody Had a Heart" was a decent hit and was released on the About Last Night movie soundtrack.

In 1988, Waite re-joined some of his old bandmates from The Babys, in addition to Neal Schon (Journey) and Deen Castronovo, to form the rock band Bad English.  Many of you will remember the hit song "When I See You Smile" from 1989.  By 1995, Waite returned to his solo career, ultimately releasing several new studio albums as the years rolled on.  He met with some success in the early 2000's on the US Adult Contemporary chart.  At the time of this writing, his newest studio album was released in 2011 and he was still active on the tour circuit.  The John Waite Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any John Waite track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1982: Ignition
  • 1984: No Brakes
  • 1985: Mask of Smiles
  • 1987: Rover's Return
  • 1992: The Essential John Waite
  • 1995: Temple Bar
  • 1996: Complete
  • 1997: When You Were Mine
  • 2001: Figure in a Landscape
  • 2001: Live & Rare Tracks One Way
  • 2004: The Hard Way
  • 2006: Downtown: Journey of a Heart
  • 2010: In Real Time
  • 2011: Rough & Tumble