Johnny Hates Jazz

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Johnny Hates Jazz Band

Some of you out there probably are asking the question:  Did Johnny really hate jazz?  Read on.  The British pop rock band Johnny Hates Jazz was primarily made up of musicians Clark Datchler and Mike Nocito.  Obviously there were more than two members of the band, as is obvious from the fact that at least three are always pictured.  Datchler and Nocito grew up in musical families.  Datchler actually released a single on Bluebird Records at the age of 17.

In 1982, Datchler and Nocito met while Datchler was singing for the band Hot Club, which had been signed to RAK Records.  RAK Records signed Datchler as as a solo artist, and requested that Datchler work with Nocito, who was an experienced engineer.  By 1986, the two had formed the band Johnny Hates Jazz with bass player Calvin Hayes.  Their first released single was "Me and My Foolish Heart".  The band's first full fledged studio album, Turn Back the Clock (1987), was not only their most successful, but also featured a number of hit songs:  "Shattered Dreams", "I Don't Want to be a Hero", "Turn Back the Clock", and "Hearts of Gold".  This was their only release in the 1980's.

Johnny Hates Jazz released Tall Stories in 1991.  It was a project by Nocito only, as Datchler had moved to Amsterdam to work on a solo career.  It did not do very well.  In 2009, the two were back together again for the release of a new album in 2013 (Magnetized).  More to come?  And about the name of the band?  We have no idea.  The Johhny Hates Jazz Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Johnny Hates Jazz track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1988: Turn Back the Clock
  • 1991: Tall Stories
  • 1993: The Very Best of Johnny Hates Jazz
  • 2000: Best of the '80s
  • 2003: The Very Best of Johnny Hates Jazz
  • 2013: Magnetized