Tango & Cash

Tango & Cash Movie Poster

"Two of L.A.'s rival cops are going to have to work together...Even if it kills them."  Tango and Cash was a buddy-cop action flick released in 1989.  It starred Sylvester Stallone as Lt. Ray Tango, Kurt Russell as Lt. Gabe Cash, Teri Hatcher as Kiki Tango, and Jack Palance as antagonist Yves Perret.  The movie received mostly negative reviews, however the team up of Stallone and Russell proved to be a success at the box office, and the movie made a great deal more money as a VHS rental.

In the movie, Beverly Hills detective Ray Tango and Los Angeles detective Gabe Cash are framed for the murder of an FBI agent by drug lord Yves Perret, and the two end up in prison together.  The two run into trouble in prison, as Perret's inside connections begin making life miserable for them, even torturing them, until the assistant warden takes pity on them and helps them escape.

Once back on the outside, although fugitives, they still have friends with connections, and the duo goes about the business of clearing their name.  In the end, they kill all the bad guys, including Perret, save the girl, clear their names, and live happily ever after.