Sword and the Sorcerer, The

The Sword and the Sorcerer Movie Poster

"A lusty epic of revenge and magic, dungeons and dragons, wizards and witches, damsels and desire, and a warrior caught between..."  The Sword and the Sorcerer was a fantasy film released in 1982 in the shadow and popularity of the Dungeons and Dragons franchise.  The movie was mostly hated by critics (Roger Ebert gave it half a star).  Nevertheless, it was the most profitable independently released film of 1982 and has gone on to become a cult classic.

In this movie, power hungry King Cromwell wants the kingdom of his rival King Richard, even going so far as to raise nasty sorcerers from the dead to help him battle his foe.  Although Cromwell nearly destroys Richard's army, King Richard hangs on for one last battle.  Although Richard and most of his family dies at the hands of Cromwell, his son, Talon, vows revenge.

The rest of the movie is how Richards' kingdom of Ehdan is restored through revenge, magic, violence, and sex (yes, really).  In the end, Talon avenges his father's death, defeats King Cromwell, the evil wizard, Xusia, and Ehdan is restored.  Interestingly enough, the throne is passed to another in the end, but Talon doesn't car, he gets the girl.