Sectaurs Action Figures

Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion was a line of action figures produced by Coleco in 1985.  There was a short-lived animated mini-series about the Sectaurs, as well as a Marvel comic book series.  The story line was a bit complicated, but in a nutshell, a planet called Symbion is overrun with huge bugs after genetic experimentation goes awry.  In the end, humanoids become telepathically fused with their intelligent, insect counterparts (called Insectoids), ultimately sharing abilities. On the good side was Prince Dargon, ruler of the Shining Realm of Prosperon.  On the bad side was Empress Devora, ruler of the Dark Domain of Synax.  Each side fought for control of the Hyves, ancient fortresses which hold the key to ultimate power.

Each action figure came with weapons, a little comic book, their companion insect, and instructions.  Some of the insect companions were pretty large and were like puppets in that you could put your hand inside them and control their actions.  Shining Realm characters include Dargon, Pinsor, Zak, Mantor, Stellara, BodyBall, and Gyrofly.  Dark Domain characters included General Spidrax, Skulk, Waspax, Skito, and Fly Flinger.  For those lucky enough to own the Hyve playset, it was one of the biggest sets released in the 1980’s.  It came with a wrecking ball, turret, trap door, collapsible bridge, a lab, and two Insectoids (Narr and Vypex).