Discs of Tron

Discs of Tron Arcade Game

Discs of Tron was the second in a series of games released based on the 1982 Disney movie Tron.  Discs of Tron, released in 1983 by Bally Midway, was based on a scene in the movie whereby Kevin Flynn is forced to play the Disc game against the character called Crom and later Sark.  There were two cabinet versions of this game, the standard version, and a version that you stepped into (pictured).

Discs of Tron Arcade Game Cabinet

In the game, the player flings discs at Sark in an effort to knock him off his platform, using a spinning knob.  The knob controlled a cursor that allowed the user to determine the trajectory of the discs.  The user could throw up to three discs at a time, switch between platforms, and even had use of a deflector.  Sark’s weapons were a bit more sophisticated, as he had both a chaser and super chaser that could only be destroyed by a disc hit.  As the player levels up, the platform configuration changed.  The player would need to pull the spinning knob up and down to aim the discs.