Hogan's Alley

Hogan's Alley Arcade Game

Hogan’s Alley, released in 1984 by Nintendo, was one of the first arcade shooting games to make use of a light gun input device.  In this game, the player took the role of a police recruit, who had to train at the Hogan’s Alley police school training grounds.  The player was presented with various cardboard cutouts of people, representing innocent civilians, other cops, and criminals pointing guns, and the player had to react quickly to shoot the appropriate target.  If the player shoots an inappropriate target, the player would lose a life.  In later rounds, 5 cardboard cutouts are presented to the player.  After 10 rounds or so, if the player has lives left, they proceed to a bonus round, whereby they shoot tin cans for points.  After this, the stages repeat, but at a faster pace.

Hogan's Alley Arcade Game Cabinet

Given that the NES had a laser shooter, developing a version for it seemed natural (like Duck Hunt).