Food Fight

Food Fight Arcade Game

Food Fight, also known as Charley Chuck’s Food Fight, was released by Atari in 1983.  The story line of this game is like a very bad dream.  Fans of this game will remember that the player controlled little Charley Chuck, whose only goal in life is to peacefully eat an ice cream cone, that is located on the opposite side of the screen.  The problem is the ice cream is slowly melting, and Charley must get to it before it is gone.  To make matters worse, there are four chefs (Angelo, Jacques, Oscar, and Zorba) standing between Charley and his ice cream, intent on making it impossible for him to get to his cone.  They pop out of holes and chase Charley.

Food Fight Arcade Game Cabinet

As Charley tries to get to the ice cream, both he and the chefs can pick up the food scattered around and throw it at each other.  If Charley is hit by food, touched by a chef, falls in a hole, or his ice cream melts, the player loses a life.  If Charley hits one of the chefs with food, that chef is temporarily stunned.  Chefs can also be lured into the holes from whence they came.  If Charley makes it to his ice cream in time, he proceeds to the next level.  There were 125 total levels.