Lode Runner

Lode Runner Arcade Game

Lode Runner was a 1984 game released by Irem in 1984.  In reality, Lode Runner was developed for the PC by a company called Broderbund before the arcade version came out.  Although the arcade game was seen here and there, it was not hugely popular.  In this game, the player controlled a commando that explored through a vertical maze of brick and dirt, blasting holes and collecting gold.  There were ladders, ropes, cliffs, holes, and even monsters to contend with.  If the player successfully collected all the gold pieces within the time allotted, they were allowed to climb a ladder to the next level.  There were three levels per area, and the end of each area featured a boss.

Lode Runner Arcade Game Cabinet

There were a number of sequels produced in the arcade, such as Lode Runner Golden Labyrinth (1985) and Lode Runner the Bungling Strikes Back (1984).