Operation Wolf / Operation Thunderbolt

Operation Wolf Arcade Game

Operation Wolf was a shooter arcade game released by Taito in 1987. The player assumed the role of a Special Forces soldier who had to rescue hostages from a concentration camp. There were six total stages that were tied together by a story line: Communication Setup, a Jungle, a Village, a Powder Magazine, the Concentration Camp, and finally the Airport. The cabinet featured a mounted gun, with haptic feedback, that the player used to shoot soldiers, jeeps, helicopters, boats, and vehicles. Ammunition could be restocked by shooting ammo crates or small animals. The hostages are freed in the Concentration Camp stage, and the player must continue to protect them into the Airport stage as they board a plane.

Operation Thunderbolt Game Cabinet

The game ended when a player completely runs out of ammo or the damage meter hits maximum. Operation Thunderbolt (1988) was a sequel to Operation Wolf. The biggest difference between the two games was that Operation Thunderbolt allowed for two players to play simultaneously. The characters were Green Berets that had to free hostages from a hijacked plane, with the final stage being a confrontation with the head terrorist who is holding the pilot hostage.

Operation Wolf Game Cabinet