Out Run / Turbo Out Run

Out Run Arcade Game

Outrun was released by Sega in 1986.  The game was a huge success, and one of the first to feature a moving game cabinet, difficulty settings, and musical option choices.  There were also stand-up versions of the game available.  For this reason, it often cost 2 to 4 quarters to play.  The player controlled a Ferrari from a third person perspective, trying to reach the end of a level by beating the clock to various checkpoints.  If time runs out, or the player reaches the end of the stage, the game ended.

Out Run Game Cabinet

Turbo Outrun, a 1989 sequel to Outrun, was essentially the same game, but a bit more advanced as far as graphics and gameplay went.  Three of the biggest differences between the two games were that the player was racing across the USA against a computer generated opponent driving a Porsche 959, a new turbo speed option was available, and the Ferrari could be upgraded.  Both of these games were released in various forms for home systems like the Sega Genesis.