Moonwalker Arcade Game

Moonwalker, also known as Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, was technically a 1990 released by Sega, but we include it here due to the fact that home versions were released in 1989, and the movie follows the story line of Michael Jackson’s 1988 film of the same name.  Michael Jackson did collaborate on the creation of Moonwalker, which features a number of his most popular songs.  In this game, which is based on the “Smooth Criminal” segment of the original movie, Michael Jackson must rescue kidnapped children from the evil, drug dealing Mr. Big.  In some releases of the game, up to three players could play simultaneously, each as Michael (in a different colored suit).

Moonwalker Arcade Game Cabinet

Wearing his signature suit and fedora hat, stages were based on music videos, and Michael’s weapons were dance move attacks with laser beams and missiles.  The stage levels included a cavern, a club, the street outside the club, a grave yard, and finally an evil fortress (where Mr. Big resides).  Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee in real life, which was also featured in the game, would turn Michael into a super robot warrior.  Michael would use “Dance Magic” in the game as well, which would force the enemy into dancing to songs like “Bad” or “Thriller”, which would ultimately incapacitate them.