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Gillan Hair Metal Band

Gillan was a band formed by ex-Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan in the late 1970’s.  After leaving Deep Purple in the early 1970’s to work on business projects, he started a new band by 1975 called the Ian Gillan Band.  The Ian Gillan band was a jazz-fusion band, and after several albums, Ian had become disillusioned with the music and yearned to return to his rock roots.  Gillan released their first (self-titled) album in 1978.  This album did well enough to keep the band’s momentum going, and the album Mr. Universe was released the following year.

Gillan would go on to release four more albums in the 1980’s, the last being in 1982.  These albums were clearly heavier than their 70’s albums (which were more rock).  We include Gillan in the metal section of this site because they were clearly part of the same New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement as other big bands of the day.  Gillan is a good example of early 80’s British heavy metal, and his voice is undeniably Deep Purple.

The Gillan Discography is as follows: 

Listen for free or download any Gillan track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1978: Gillan
  • 1979: Mr. Universe
  • 1980: Glory Road
  • 1981: Future Shock
  • 1981: Double Trouble
  • 1982: Magic
  • 1990: Live at Reading '80
  • 1997: The Gillan Tapes Vol. 1
  • 1998: The BBC Tapes Vol 1: Dead of Night 1979
  • 1998: The BBC Tapes Vol 2: Unchain Your Brain 1980
  • 1999: Live At the BBC - 79/80
  • 1999: The Gillan Tapes Vol. 2
  • 2000: The Gillan Tapes Vol. 3
  • 2001: Live Tokyo Shinjuku Koseinenkin Hall
  • 2002: On the Rocks Live in Germany, June 1981
  • 2002: Live Wembley 17 December 1982
  • 2006: Mutually Assured Destruction Glasgow 1982
  • 2007: Unchain Your Brain: The Best Of Gillan
  • 2007: The Gillan Singles Box Set
  • 2008: Live At the Marquee 1978
  • 2008: No Easy Way Live Hammersmith 1980
  • 2009: Triple Trouble