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Giuffria Hair Metal Band

Giuffria was founded by the veteran rocker Gregg Giuffria in 1982 after his departure from a glam metal band called "Angel".  The band itself was a conglomeration of veteran metal musicians that had either been member sof other popular metal bands or session musicians (like Rough Cutt and Quiet Riot).

Their first album (self-titled) was released in 1984 and peaked at number 26 on the charts.  Some of you may remember the singles "Call To The Heart" and "Lonely In Love" from this album.  Giuffria went on tour with Deep Purple to support this release.  Rumor has it that Ritchie Blackmore, the guitarist at the time for Deep Purple, cut Guiffria's opening act down from 45 minutes to 25 minutes, with no solos or encores.  Did somebody see the little Green Monster?  After this, they ended up on tour with Foreigner were they were treated better.

After their first release, Giuffria's songs could be found on the soundtrack for the movie Gotcha!.  You may remember the songs "Never Too Late" And "Say It Ain't True" from that soundtrack.  Guiffria's second release, Silk and Steel (1986), didn't do as well as their debut, but still charted at 60 on the Billboard Top 200.  A third album, which was never released due to the loss of their MCA record contract, was called Giuffria III.

 Giuffria was not a really heavy band, but a talented band none the less.  They did not last long, but fans did not have to wait too long, as the band reincarnated as the House of Lords.  At the time of this writing, the Guiffria Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Giuffria track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1984: Giuffria
  • 1986: Silk and Steel