Jeff Healey Band, The

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Jeff Healey Band

Norman Jeffrey Healey was a blues/jazz rocker from Canada.  At one year of age, Jeff Healey was blinded by a rare form of cancer.  At three years of age he began playing the guitar, essentially teaching himself to play with the guitar flat on his lap.  Healey's first band, at 17, was called Blue Direction, and was known as a local Toronto bar band.

Before long, Healey teamed up with bassist Joe Rockman (seriously?) and drummer Tom Stephen, and the Jeff Healey Band was formed.  After becoming a huge club draw in the Chicago area, the band was soon discovered by veteran guitarists Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert Collins.  In short order they had a contract with Arista Records, and in 1988, See the Light was released.  Songs you may remember from this album include "Angel Eyes" and "Hideaway".  Around this same time, the band was recorded and starring (cameo) in Patrick Swayze's Roadhouse.  The band continued releasing throughout the 1990's, and the albums Hell to Pay (1990) and Feel This (1992) ultimately landed the band several charting singles in Canada.

As the years rolled on, Jeff Healey switched from blues to jazz.  He not only released jazz albums as a solo artist, but also was found playing jazz and blues in his Toronto club called "Healey's".  In 2008, Jeff Healey died of cancer at age 41, just prior to his 2008 blues/rock release Mess of Blues.  The Jeff Healey Band Discography, and Jeff Healey as a solo artist Discography, are as follows:

Listen for free or download any Jeff Healey track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1988: See the Light
  • 1990: Hell to Play
  • 1992: Feel This
  • 1995: Cover to Cover
  • 1998: The Very Best of Jeff Healey
  • 1999: Master Hits
  • 2000: Get Me Some
  • 2002: Among Friends
  • 2003: Live at Healey's
  • 2004: Adventures in Jazzland
  • 2004: The Platinum and Gold Collection
  • 2005: The Jeff Healey Band Live at Montreux 1999
  • 2006: It's Tight Like That
  • 2008: Mess of Blues
  • 2008: Super Hits
  • 2009: Songs from the Road
  • 2009: Legacy, Volume 1
  • 2010: Last Call
  • 2011: Live at Grossman's 1994