Fixx, The

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The Fixx Band

The Fixx was an English band that formed in 1979 as a band called The Portraits.  As The Portraits, the band released two singles, "Little Women" in 1979 and "Hazards in the Home" (1980).  They changed their name to The Fix (on x), and released a singled called "Lost Planes", which received some air play on the BBC.  This increased exposure landed the band a deal with MCA Records, who asked that they change their name to the connotations associated with drug use.  The compromise was the additional X in the band name.

As The Fixx, their first album release was Shuttered Room in 1982, which featured the hit songs "Stand or Fall" and "Red Skies".  Reach the Beach, their 1983 release, was their most successful effort.  This album featured the hit songs "Saved by Zero", "The Sign of Fire", and "One Thing Leads to Another", the latter reaching no. 4 in the USA.  That was not the end of the hits for The Fixx, as 1984's Phantoms featured the hit songs "Are We Ourselves" and "Sunshine in the Shade".  Walkabout (1986) featured the hit song "Secret Separation", React (1987) featured a newer version of the song "Red Skies", and Calm Animals (1988) featured the song "Driven Out".  There was even a hit in 1991 ("How Much Is Enough") on the album Ink.

As the years rolled on, The Fixx continued releasing new material, with a new release as late as 2012 at the time of this writing (Beautiful Fiction).  The current The Fixx Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any The Fixx track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1982: Shuttered Room
  • 1983: Reach the Beach
  • 1984: Phantoms
  • 1986: Walkabout
  • 1987: React Live
  • 1988: Calm Animals
  • 1989: Greatest Hits - One Thing Leads to Another
  • 1991: Ink
  • 1994: Missing Links
  • 1995: In Concert King Biscuit Flower Hour
  • 1997: Real Time Stood Still Live
  • 1998: Elemental
  • 1999: Ultimate Collection: The Fixx
  • 1999: 1011 Woodland
  • 2000: 20th Century Masters - The Best of the Fixx
  • 2001: Happy Landings and Lost Tracks
  • 2002: Stand or Fall Live
  • 2002: Then and Now
  • 2003: Want That Life
  • 2004: Stage One
  • 2005: The 25th Anniversary Anthology
  • 2012: Beautiful Fiction