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Pat Benatar Band

Patricia Mae Andrejewski (aka Pat Benatar) was born in Brooklyn, NY.  She began voice lessons early in life, performing at school functions (on stage, in the choir, etc.).  At 19, Pat dropped out of school to marry her high school sweetheart, Dennis Benatar.  Dennis was in the Army, so the couple moved around.  By the time Pat Benatar's music career starting taking off, the couple was stationed in Virginia.  Pat eventually quit her job as a bank teller and began making money as a lounge singer, where she began singing with a local band named Coxon's Army.  Coxon's Army did have some local success.  After Dennis Benatar was released from the Army, the couple moved back to New York where Pat began a three year stint as a regular singer at a New York club called Catch a Rising Star (in the mid 1970's).

It wasn't until 1976, when Pat Benatar began performing in a rock musical called The Zinger, did she began singing rock and roll.  It was performances around this rock persona that eventually landed Pat Benatar a record deal with Chrysalis.  Her first full fledged rock album, In the Heat of the Night, was released in 1979.   It was this album that featured the hit song "Heartbreaker".  Her follow up release, Crimes of Passion (1980), not only brought her success with the hit song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", but also earned her a Grammy award the same year.  In 1981, Pat Benatar released Precious Time, which featured the songs "Fire and Ice" and "You Better Run" (the video for this song became the second music video to be aired by MTV).

Benatar continued her success.  Other songs you will remember:  "Shadows of the Night" (from Get Nervous, 1982), "Love is a Battlefield" (from Live from Earth, 1983), "We Belong" (from Tropico, 1984), "Invincible" (from Seven the Hard Way, 1984) and "All Fired Up" (from Wide Awake in Dreamland, 1988).  Pat Benatar did continue producing throughout the 1990's, but only released one new album since 1997 (at the time of this writing, anyway).  The Pat Benatar Discography is currently as follows:

Listen for free or download any Pat Benatar track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1979: In the Heat of the Night
  • 1980: Crimes of Passion
  • 1981: Precious Time
  • 1982: Get Nervous
  • 1983: Live from Earth
  • 1984: Tropico
  • 1985: Seven the Hard Way
  • 1988: Wide Awake in Dreamland
  • 1989: Best Shots
  • 1991: True Love
  • 1993: Gravity's Rainbow
  • 1997: Innamorata
  • 2001: Best of Volume 1 and 2
  • 2002: Classic Masters Pat Benatar
  • 2003: Go
  • 2005: Greatest Hits
  • 2008: Pat Benatar Ultimate Collection
  • 2009: Pat Benatar 10 Great Songs