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Petra Christian Rock Band

There is no Christian band that has the long standing history of great music as does Petra.  Petra is considered, by many, to be the pioneers of Christian rock music.  Petra formed back in 1972, playing at churches and Christian coffee houses such as The Adam's Apple in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Initially, Petra was shunned by Christian organizations for its rock-based sound, but this prejudice would soon dissipate.

Petra's self-titled debut hit the scene in 1974 with a self-titled release.  Several more releases would follow throughout the 1970's, as would the number of members coming and going from the band.  Petra's 1979 release, Washes Whiter Than, was a softer rock album than previous releases, but did garner the band their first Christian radio hit with the song "Why Should the Father Bother?"  It was Petra's 1981 release, Never Say Die, that the band began to find real success (it was a heavier rock sound).  Songs you may remember from this album include "The Coloring Song", "For Annie", and "Killing My Old Man".  Petra's 1982 release, More Power To Ya, was equally as successful, featuring the title track in addition to the song "Road to Zion".  The band continued to produce throughout the 80's, playing to huge crowds and winning awards.

By 1986, the financial impact of producing and touring, along with the competition from up and coming Christian rock and metal bands, Petra was on the brink of break up.  With the help of the Elefante brothers, Petra's late 80's and early 1990's releases brought the band back to a heavier guitar centric sound.  The band's 1988 release, On Fire, is considered by many to be one of their hardest rock album to date.

Petra, as a ministry, has striven to liken their rock sound to the flavor of the decade.  For example, in their early days, they sounded like the Allman Brothers, but by the time of the late 1970's and early 1980's, they had changed their sound to match harder edged bands like Styx or Journey.  By the late 1980's, their sound was closer to the heavy riffs of bands like Def Leppard.  Since their heyday, they have continued to produce and tour from time to time.  At the time of this writing, the Petra Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Petra track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1974: Petra
  • 1977: Come and Join Us
  • 1979: Washes Whiter Than
  • 1981: Never Say Die
  • 1982: More Power To Ya
  • 1983: Not of This World
  • 1985: Beat the System
  • 1986: Captured in Time and Space
  • 1986: Back to the Street
  • 1987: This Means War!
  • 1988: On Fire!
  • 1989: Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out
  • 1989: Petra Means Rock
  • 1990: Beyond Belief
  • 1990: War & Remembrance
  • 1991: Unseen Power
  • 1991: Petrafied: The Best of Petra
  • 1992: Petra en Alabanza
  • 1992: Petraphonics
  • 1993: Wake Up Call
  • 1993: Power Praise
  • 1995: No Doubt
  • 1995: Rock Block
  • 1996: The Early Years
  • 1997: Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus
  • 1998: God Fixation
  • 1999: The Coloring Song
  • 2000: Double Take
  • 2001: Revival
  • 2001: Greatest Hits Vol 1
  • 2002: Still Means War
  • 2003: Jekyll & Hyde
  • 2003: The Power of Praise
  • 2004: Jekyll & Hyde in Espanol
  • 2005: Petra Farewell
  • 2006: The Praise Collection
  • 2006: The Ultimate Collection
  • 2006: The Early Years
  • 2007: The Definitive Collection
  • 2010: Back to the Rock
  • 2011: Back to the Rock Live
  • 2012: Best of the 80's