Outliner Pens

Some of you may not find this even the slightest bit nostalgic, while others of you will know exactly why we included outliners on this site.  Although their history may date before the 1980's (we don't know for sure), it wasn't until the 1980's that we began using them.  Outliners were basically ultra-colorful markers that would automatically create a border around whatever you wrote (they were not really designed for coloring thing in).  After shaking them up, you would push the tip up into the pen, then begin writing.  They came with very shiny base colors, such as silver or gold, and produced a purple, red, orange, green, or blue outline when you wrote.  If you ever used them, then you remember that not only did they have a strong odor that the pot heads liked, but that they also would bleed through several different sheets of regular notebook paper.  They worked best with heavy stock such as cardboard paper.