Super Off Road

Off Road Arcade Game

Super Off Road was released in 1989 by the LeLand Corporation, and it was one of our favorite games to play.  The game had the blessing of professional off road racer Ivan Stewart, whose name was featured on the game.  In this game, up to three players race around an indoor obstacle course to earn cash.  Finishing in first place would allow the player to continue to the next round, and the cash that was earned could be used to upgrade the player’s truck (bigger tires, faster engine, nitro shots, etc.).  As the levels progressed, so did the skill of the computer drivers and the complexity of the tracks.  Nitro boosts could be used to help the player finish in first place, and unlimited continues were allowed as long as the player had a pocketful of quarters.

Off Road Arcade Game Cabinet

It is worth noting that there was an arcade upgrade to the existing Super Off Road arcade unit that increased the number of tracks available, as well as adding a choice between a truck or dune buggy.  There were a number of arcade home version sequels of the game such as Super Off Road: The Baja, Off Road Challenge, and Off Road Thunder.  The original game could be found on contemporary console compilations like the Midway Arcade Treasures for the Wii, GameCube, PlayStation, and Xbox.