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Nena Singer

Gabriele Susanne Kerner, aka Nena, was a German singer and actress who left a huge mark on the 80's music scene with her song "99 Luftballons" (aka 99 Red Balloons).  She grew up in West Germany, and was given the nickname "Nena" after a trip to Spain (the Spanish word for little girl is niña).

Nena's musical career started in the late 70's when she was given a chance to sing vocals for a band called The Stripes.  After The Stripes split, Nena formed the group Nena, and her first single ("Only Dreamt") was a huge hit in Germany.  In 1983, Nena released her first self-titled album, which was the album that featured the huge international hit "99 Luftballons".  We prefer the English version ("99 Red Balloons").  This was the only hit song for Nena in the English speaking world, but she continued doing very well internationally.

Nena continued producing well into the 1990's and beyond (although considered a solo act post 1987).  In the 2000's, Nena was back at it and doing well, and continued her activity well into the 2010's.  The Nena Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Nena track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1980: The Stripes (as Nena Kerner)
  • 1983: Nena
  • 1984: 99 Luftballons
  • 1985: It's All in the Game
  • 1985: Feuer und Flamme
  • 1986: Eisbrecher
  • 1989: Wunder gescheh'n
  • 1991: Nena Die Band
  • 1992: Bongo Girl
  • 1994: Und Alles Dreht Sich
  • 1995: Nena Definitive Collection
  • 1997: Jamma Nich
  • 1998: Wenn Alles Richtig Ist, Dann Stimmt Was Nicht
  • 1998: Nena Live '98
  • 1998: Nur geträumt – Ihre größten Erfolge
  • 1998: Leuchtturm
  • 1999: Nena: Simply the Best
  • 2001: Chokmah
  • 2002: Nena feat. Nena
  • 2002: Alles Gute – Die Singles 1982–2002
  • 2003: Nena feat. Nena – Live
  • 2004: Nena Live Nena
  • 2004: Maxis and Mixes
  • 2005: Willst du mit mir gehen?
  • 2006: Einmal ist keinmal
  • 2006: Alles (3-CD Box Set)
  • 2007: Cover Me
  • 2009: Made in Germany
  • 2010: Made in Germany
  • 2010: Das Beste von Nena (3-CD Box Set)
  • 2012: Du bist gut No. 2 GER