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Prince Singer

The artist first known as Prince Rogers Nelson, and then just Prince, and then Formerly as Prince, and then Prince again, had a major impact on 80's music.  In the 80's, his backing band was known as The Revolution.  Prince as born to a musical family in Minnesota, and he was named after his father, whose stage name was Prince Rogers.  As as a child, his friends knew Prince as "Skipper".  He grew up playing in various bands in high school.  By 17, in 1976, Prince had landed a record deal.

Prince debuted in 1978 with the album For You, on which he performed all instruments.  It was his self-titled 1979 release that began getting him national attention with the two hit songs "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?", "I Wanna Be Your Lover", and "Sexy Dancer".  Prince released 8 albums in the 1980's and had a ton of hits, not only on the Billboard charts, but also on the R&B Charts, Dance Charts, and internationally.  Prince had so many hits, we can't list them all here, but will mention some of the highlights:  "1999", "Little Red Corvette", "Delirious", "When Doves Cry", "Let's Go Crazy", "Purple Rain", "I Would Die 4 U", "Raspberry Beret", "Pop Life", "Kiss", "Sign o' the Times", "U Got the Look", "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man", "Alphabet St.", and "Batdance".

In addition to all the great songs, it is well known that Prince also tried his hand at acting, his most famous being his role as The Kid in the movie Purple Rain.  Other Price facts?  It was thanks to Prince's nasty song "Darling Nikki" that Tipper Gore founded the Parents Music Resource Center (where the Parental Advisory stickers come from).  In 1993, he changed his name to the symbol on one of his albums, often referred to as the Love Symbol.

As the years rolled on, Prince continued his activity until his death in 2016, and managed to put himself in the news from time to time.  In the mid 1990's, sales were poor for some Prince albums as he struggled against Warner Brothers.  Nevertheless, the 1990's were better than the 2000's and 2010's for him.  Even though he has continued to produce, he has failed to significantly chart.  We don't care about that at only remember the 80's!  The Price Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Prince track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1978: For You
  • 1979: Prince
  • 1980: Dirty Mind
  • 1981: Controversy
  • 1982: 1999
  • 1984: Purple Rain
  • 1985: Around the World in a Day
  • 1986: Parade
  • 1987: Sign "O" the Times
  • 1988: Lovesexy
  • 1989: Batman
  • 1989: The Scandalous Sex Suite
  • 1990: New Power Generation Remixes
  • 1990: Graffiti Bridge
  • 1991: Diamonds and Pearls
  • 1991: Gett Off Remix
  • 1991: Cream Remixes
  • 1992: My Name Is Prince Remixes
  • 1992: 7 Remixes
  • 1992: Love Symbol Album
  • 1993: The Hits 1
  • 1993: The Hits 2
  • 1993: The Hits/The B-Sides
  • 1994: Come
  • 1994: The Black Album
  • 1994: The Beautiful Experience
  • 1994: Letitgo Remixes
  • 1994: Space Remixes
  • 1995: I Hate U Remixes
  • 1995: The Gold Experience
  • 1996: Chaos and Disorder
  • 1996: Emancipation
  • 1996: Girl 6
  • 1997: Kamasutra
  • 1998: Crystal Ball / The Truth / Kamasutra
  • 1998: Crystal Ball / The Truth
  • 1999: The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale
  • 1999: Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic
  • 1999: The New Master
  • 1999: The Greatest Romance Ever Sold
  • 2000: NPG Music Club Vol. 1–12
  • 2001: Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic
  • 2001: The Rainbow Children
  • 2001: The Very Best of Prince
  • 2002: One Nite Alone... Live!
  • 2002: One Nite Alone...
  • 2003: Xpectation
  • 2003: C-NOTE
  • 2003: N.E.W.S
  • 2004: Musicology
  • 2004: The Chocolate Invasion
  • 2004: The Slaughterhouse
  • 2006: 3121
  • 2006: Ultimate Prince
  • 2007: Planet Earth
  • 2008: Indigo Nights
  • 2009: Lotusflow3r
  • 2009: Lotusflow3r
  • 2010: 20Ten