Gandhi Movie Poster

"It took one remarkable man to defeat the British Empire and free a nation of 350 million people. His goal was freedom of India.  His strategy was peace.  His weapon was his humanity.  His triumph changed the word forever".  Gandhi, which starred Ben Kingsley, was an epic biographical film released in 1982.  This movie, which won multiple Oscars, was about the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who was the leader of a non-violent movement in India (circa 1940's).  Ghandhi was played by Ben Kinglsey.  The movie received mostly positive reviews, and was a money maker at the box office.

Gandhi introduced the idea of peaceful resistance to the people of India, ultimately resulting in the country's independence.  The movie begins on the last day of Ghandi's life, when he was assassinated.  After the funeral, the movie takes the viewer back to the Ghandi of the late 19th century, where we find him, in this mid 20's, protesting the treatment of Indians in South Africa.

The protests in South Africa make Ghandi a bit of a celebrity, and he becomes the unspoken leader of the movement to free India from the clutches of Great Britain.  Although India does gain independence, it eventually splits into two countries (Pakistan the other) due to religious differences.  Ghandi then spends the rest of his life trying to ease the tension between the two nations.