Light of Day

Light of Day Movie Poster

Light of Day, starring Michael J. Fox as Joe Rasnick, Gena Rowlands as Jeanette Rasnick, and Joan Jett as Patti Rasnick, was released in 1987.  Although reviews were mixed, some critics, such as Roger Ebert, really liked the film.  It was Fox’s first attempt at breaking away from the typical typecast role he was known for.

In this movie, Fox plays the role of Joe, and Jett the role of Patti, who are brother and sister and lead performers in an Ohio band called the Barbusters.  Patti is a single mother who wants to live the rock and roll lifestyle, turning to petty crime to make ends meet.  On the other hand, the more responsible Joe has a day job, and does his best to help out his nephew.  Joe doesn't like the way Pattie does things, and when their mother becomes sick with cancer, they have to find a way to come together as a family.