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Steve Perry Singer

Steve Perry is probably best known for his tenure as the lead singer of the band Journey, but he also had a successful solo career in the 80's.  Perry grew up in a musical, Californian family.  Perry's first band, Ice, appeared to have potential, but eventually the project died out.  After his next band, Alien Project, failed, Perry gave up on music until he received a call from the manager of the fledgling band, Journey, that needed a new singer (circa 1977).

Initially, the members of Journey did not take to Perry.  They did not appreciate the pop direction their historically progressive rock sound was taking.  However, with the success of their first album with Perry as vocalist (Infinity), the band members began to think him not so bad after all.  Journey had a great career with Perry on vocals.  They had tons of hits and were one of the largest concert draws of the time.

While still with Journey, Steve Perry worked on a solo album in 1984 called Street Talk.  It featured a number of hit songs, including "Oh Sherrie", "She's Mine", "Strung Out", and "Foolish Heart".  It is worth mentioning that another earlier song, called "Don't Fight It", was a duet with Kenny Loggins and a big hit as well.  It was during the recording of Journey's last album of the 1980's, Raised on Radio (1987), that Perry's mother became ill, which made him a sporadic member of the band.  After the 1987 tour, Journey split and would not release any new material until the mid 1990's.  In the mean time, Perry would not release another album until 1994 (For the Love of Strange Medicine).

After Perry injured himself in the mid 1990's, and essentially became unable to support Journey's 1996 album, he left the band on negative terms.  Since then, Perry has been seen here and there, and a reunion with Journey has not completely been ruled out, nor has more solo releases.  However, at the moment, Journey's new lead singer is pretty darn good, so it could be a while?  Frankly we want Steve back!  The Steve Perry Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Steve Perry track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1984: Street Talk
  • 1994: For the Love of Strange Medicine
  • 1995: Perry's Coming
  • 1998: Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased
  • 2009: Playlist: The Very Best of Steve Perry
  • 2010: Oh Sherrie: The Best of Steve Perry