Steve Winwood

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Steve Winwood Singer

Steve Winwood, born and raised in England, grew up in a musical family.  At the age of 8, he could be found playing with his father and brother in a band called the Ron Atkinson Band.  While still a student, Winwood managed to get gigs playing backup for heavy blues musicians on tour in Great Britain, such as Chuck Berry Bo Diddley, B King, and Muddy Waters.  Winwood joined the band the Spencer Davis Group in the mid 60's, and by 1965, the band had their first hit: "Keep On Running".  As the years went on, Winwood could be found in bands like Eric Clapton's Powerhouse, Traffic, Blind Faith, and Ginger Baker's Air Force.

It was in the late 1970's that Winwood released his first solo album (self-titled).  Winwood would go on to release four albums in the 80's:  Arc of a Diver (1981), Talking Back to the Night (1982), Back in the High Life (1986), and Roll With It (1988).  Notable Steve Winwood songs form this decade include "While You See a Chance", "Arc of a Diver", "Still in the Game", "Valerie", "Higher Love", "Freedom Overspill", "Split Decision", "Back in the High Life Again", "The Finer Things", "Taking Back the Night", "Roll With It", "Put On Your Dancing Shoes", "Don't You Know What the Night Can Do?", "Holding On", "One and Only Man", and "Hearts on Fire".

Steve Winwood continued producing and touring well into the 2010's, as well as collaborating with a number of well-known artists (such as Eric Clapton, Roger Daltry, and Rod Stewart).  At the time of this writing, the Steve Winwood Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Steve Winwood track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1972: Winwood
  • 1973: Aiye-Keta
  • 1976: Go
  • 1976: Go: Live from Paris
  • 1977: Steve Winwood
  • 1980: Arc of a Diver
  • 1982: Talking Back to the Night
  • 1986: Back in the High Life
  • 1987: Chronicles
  • 1988: Roll with It
  • 1990: Refugees of the Heart
  • 1995: The Finer Things
  • 1997: Junction Seven
  • 1999: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection
  • 2002: Best of Steve Winwood
  • 2003: About Time
  • 2008: Nine Lives
  • 2009: Live from Madison Square Garden (with Eric Clapton)
  • 2010: Revolutions – The Very Best of Steve Winwood