Popeye Arcade Game

Popeye was released by Nintendo in 1982.  The object of the game was for Popeye to collect various items being dropped by Olive Oyl (hearts, musical notes, letters), while at the same time avoiding obstacles like Brutus, a sea hag, and other obstacles like bottles, skulls, and vultures.  The game featured a series of platforms and ladders to get from area to area, and power-ups included things like cans of spinach, that would give Popeye the power to temporarily beat Brutus up.  Different objects, such as the punching bag, could be knocked lose to drop down on enemies as well.  Wimpy also makes an appearance in the game to act as a counter weight, and Sweet Pea floated above the platform to give Popeye bonus points if Popeye could reach him.

Popye Game Cabinet

Popeye found its way to a number of home consoles, like the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Intellivision, and even the Odyssey.  Some kids were even lucky enough to own the table top version.  It is worth noting that the characters from the game Popeye were originally intended to be the characters in Donkey Kong, but Namco ran into a delay getting the proper license to use Popeye, so he ended up getting his own game once the paperwork was filed.