Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi Arcade Game

Return of the Jedi, released by Atari in 1984, was the game sequel to the Star Wars arcade game, and followed the story line of the Return of the Jedi movie.  It used a different graphics engine, and actually came before the release of the arcade game the Empire Strikes Back.  In Return of the Jedi, there were a number of stages where, from a third-person perspective, the player piloted a speeder bike, the Millennium Falcon, or an AT-ST Walker.  In stage one, the player piloted the speeder bike, trying to avoid enemy speeders and trees in an attempt to reach the Ewok village.  In the second stage, the player piloted the Falcon through enemy Tie Fighters in order to blow up the Death Star reactor.  The third level had the player back on the Speeder bike, and the final levels had the player switching between the AT-ST and the Falcon.  If the player makes it past all stages, the game is over.

Return of the Jedi Arcade Game Cabinet

Return of the Jedi was not developed for many consoles in the 80’s, although it was developed for systems like the Amiga and Commodore 64.